Southern Hill-Top Tropical Evergreen Forest

This type of forest is stunted evergreen and found on the top of hills and along the ridges. This type is confined to altitudes ranging between 1000 and 1300m. It is more or less an inferior edition of the typical wet evergreen forest. The height of trees are much less, not more than 10m clear boles and crowns are some what rounded, with crooked branches. The low stature of trees is mainly due to high velocity of wind and less favourable condition of soil. There are a great number of epiphytes and the branches appear shaggy on account of mosses and lichens. This is a transition stage from tropical to subtropical forest. This type is equivalent to the ‘low’ tropical ghat evergreen forest of Chandrasekharan, (1962 a,b &c).

This type is found the upper portion of Kallar, beyond Pandimotta and in certain pockets near interstate boundary.