Climate is hot and humid with moderate rainfall received during both the monsoons.


There is no appreciable variation in temperature both seasonal and diurnal. The hottest months are March to May and the coldest, December and January. Summer rains bring down the temperature slightly during June and July. The maximum temperature during daytime in the hottest month of the year is about 390 C. The temperature varies between 170 to 350 C. The hot and humid climate favours luxuriant growth of vegetation in the tract.


This area receives both south-west and north-east monsoon rains.  75% of the precipitation occurs during the South-west monsoon from May to mid September with continous rainy day accompanied by mild winds for several days resulting in floods. The north-east monsoon is intermittent and usually occurs in the afternoons during the months of October and November which is followed by the dry easterly winds which are known to be violent causing damages to trees. The rainfall is fairly well distributed almost throughout the year, but in certain years it is reported to be somewhat erratic.